We are Emma and Alex, a couple who both grew up in Hertfordshire, accompanied by our giant French-Lop rabbit Penelope. We bought our first house in June 2016 in Cambourne, South Cambridgeshire.
Back then, we had a 20% equity loan from the government as part of their Help-to-Buy scheme for first time buyers, a great way of getting younger people on the property lad, and an even better way to get a young couple into a cosy new-build house.

Fast forward two years and we're both working in London, but due to incredibly high London house prices, we've opted to live just outside of London where the trains are 20 minutes into Kings Cross. Meaning for a few extra minutes and pounds a day on the train, we're able to get a three bedroom semi-detached house with huge garden without any help from the government this time. We're going it alone!

As mentioned above, we've opted for a house just outside of London in the town of Stevenage, and more specifically, Old Town Stevenage. This way we get the best of both worlds - fast trains to work, plenty of shops, a leisure park and multiple supermarkets in the busy new town, but also we'll get the more rustic and quaint restaurants and family run stores of the old town.
There is unfortunately one catch. The only way we could afford to buy such a large house with no government help was to buy a house that comes pre-loved. In other words, there's a tonne of work to do.